About Watertrace

In June 2003, the designer of Watertrace opened a shop on the internet.

After the precipitation of 10 years, Watertrce was found in 2013, whose name is related to water, just like water flowing slowly on the beach, without leaving any trace, but showing some traces. Once, many civilizations and species existed in this planet in such way, liking the water marks, hurrying past. Therefore, cherishing the present life is to perfect future.

Since Watertrace was found, its design aims at the nature, availability and durability. We believe that nature is beautiful, availability is needed, and durability is environmentally friendly. At the same time, the nature makes our products concerted, our existence is needed, as well as the environmental protection is our core concept.

We don't deliberately choose customers, but choose a belief, a value, an ideal and a kind of attitude, and it happened that our customers is coincide with us.

Nowadays, our clients are all over the world, and we cooperate with the periodical office of National Geographic and the famous opinion leaders in this field.

We further develop the waterproof filed and continue to innovate the fabrics and accessories. We not only use environmentally friendly and decomposable materials to make waterproof coatings, but also collect waste and recyclable mineral water bottles and the rods of crops with some environmentalists. Through the special manufacturing process, extract yarns to weave the fabrics and make buckles. What’s more, passed the rigorous testing, ensure the products safety, quality, practical and durable.

In the future, we will pay more attention to the environmental protection and sustainable development concept, take the characteristics of the products such as nature, availability, durability as the cores, so as to constantly create more and more interesting products. Hope that our products could become the partners of customers, and could have a wonderful and interesting journey.